It's Why I Never Leave My Laboratory

I know a lot of scientists must say this, but, I fully believe I am going to cure cancer.

Just watch me.


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You should cure cancer, my best friend's baby brother is suffering from it.

inspiring... coming from you; I believe you

Then you must do IT!<br />
LEARN everything there is to know about the causes, the type, DIG deep into molecular biology. When the cause is discovered and the method of disease understood I feel there will follow a great number of more discoveries related to it.<br />
Every morning you wake - tell yourself that goal - Believe. <br />
You must understand it will take a lot of hard work but it is a noble goal.<br />
Go for it!

i really wish you find it =)<br />
Good luck!

Thats GREAT! <br />
<br />
One problem down...10,000 yo go!!!

I have faith in you

hey my friend i truely think i can help you on your goal to cure cancer or better yet prevent it, message me back if your interest


That will be a great day!!! Many variations run in my family so being high risk and having family who have already died from cancer... it is wonderful to know that there are people determined to find a cure

I pray you do...In the meantime we still have to make the best of the situation dealt each of us...I ask you to see my contribution to breast cancer

the reason I responded to you . you are as sure of yourself that you understand your field as I am that I will succeed in my own goals .. I am in the Music industry

so if the cancer doesnt respond in the same way twice would that mean that somehow the treatment used locks up the response centers and creates a lockdown code ... maybe its not responing with open arms because even thought it gets a jump start its the wrong voltage for the outlet... just a thought

all the best. and if i succeed in curing cardiovascular disease.............. then that will be all human suffering gone. Although people will probably have to work longer and retire later.

I pray you is a wicked disease!

That is a wonderful Goal. I just wanted to comment and say what I believe. I think some or all diseases are created by environment, whether it be physical or Psychological it has an effect on gene's,and when the body tries to repair itself it becomes a snowball effect and depending on which part of the gene is repaired sends the other parts that were working into confusion. It's like a car with 4 different size tires will still roll, but not well

Wow do it... solve the puzzel, do it right, don't let people get you down, or get in your way. Go girl.

Wow, I don't blame you. Tumors don't respond in the same way twice? I never knew that. Cancer sickens me but I find the process fascinating.

I'm a medical researcher, never fancied becoming a fully-fledged medic (not too much of a bedside manner I guess). The types of cancers I work with are of the endocrine system and are incredibly varied and complex even within just one organ (for example ovarian tumours often don't respond to treatments in the same way twice). The puzzles still to be solved are vast but it is something we are getting closer to all the time I reckon. I'd love to be the one to crack it once and for all though :)

You are a doctor? Or a researcher? That's awesome. I would love to see a cure for cancer come in my lifetime. Why is cancer so hard to cure? Too mnay forms?

I will do my very best!

I hope you do - the world would be a lot better place without cancer. GO GO GO I;ll be your cheerleader