I Want to Teach the World to Sing, In Perfect Harmony


I guess I'm optimistic. I assume the majority of people are good, because people often have the chance to inflict pain but do not, and those that do are rare.

 I think a better human environment is one that allows us to set ourselves up technologically in cities that have no output or input and are much smaller and more contained, we can easily lose our reliance on cars if all new cities are deigned as business blocks surrounded by small apartments where people who work also live, cut down on commute. Build green-buildings which produce produce, stop using so much land for meat (Very inefficient use). First and foremost, stop wasting space on roads, stop building time-inefficient cities based on 1950's American design. We can live where we work, and will form new city-communities where you actually know your neighbour and work near the people we live near. City life is making us more distant; naturally, we cannot be involved in a community of millions. But some careful city design (Work where you live, no commute, live with people you work with) we might have a chance of reforming communities…and living more efficiently at the same time.

If any of that happens, it will happen in the third world.

After that, just leave the environment to correct itself as it has done countless times before (if there is such thing as correct, more like shifting changing)

I think people will eventually make the world better through our combined goodness, call it naive, but that’s all the power I have. I will do my part, everybody else do theirs. We all have our own idea of a ‘better world’, some people want to return to primitivist style…which means cutting human population by about, oh, 5 billion, other’s want ‘love and peace and hope and dreams’ which means…whatever you want it to mean. I want a long prosperous future for our great race, humanity has the knowledge to last. I’m pretty sure we will, I just hope we do it right.

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well, efficient living should help the homeless people. Crime is an age old problem I have no quick fix for. And we can just put signs on people who are designated 'evil' and we will all have the right to throw tomatoes at them.

I love this idea! what about the homeless, crime, and evil people that all big citys attract? Allen

Thinking different is my way, but different within reason of course... in other words different is subjective to what you think is normal.

Ok, I want to believe that there are more good than bad people. Let's change that ignorance in this decadent society. I am with you guys! <br />
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About your ideas to change this world, I have many. I don't think the people wants to heard solutions, because that means to change the way they think already about their moral values. If we want some fast results, we have to open our minds to think different. Can you really do that?

Will have a look, but I do believe the majority are good...and most evil comes from ignorance, even 'smart' people can be ignorant.

I think people will eventually make the world better through our combined goodness------To me this sounds hard to believe. I have my doubts about the goodness part, since I saw this pages<br />
To understand me you have to see it first:<br />
<br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INw0QUDkhkc<br />
<br />
http://www.20minutos.es/galeria/806/0/16/galgos/animales/tortura/<br />
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Check out Worldchanging: A User’s Guide For the 21st Century, editted by Alex Steffen.

I also created an entry under goals saying that I would like to be able to say that i "Created the City of Tomorrow". Please join me there.

I'll follow it, and join in.

I should have remembered that the Experience Project limits the number of characters, making life difficult for verbose people such as myself. The entry I created is called "I want to increase harmony in the world". It will focus on using the Experience Project to kick it off, as my more verbose title would have indicated.

Wonderful ideas, smebro!<br />
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Let's start thinking them through right now!<br />
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I'm going to create an experience called "I want to use the Experience Project to increase harmony in the world." I encourage you, smebro, and everyone else here as well, to start thinking concretely about how we can use the power of the Experience Project to start making a difference. Remember: On the Internet, things can happen fast.<br />
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