A Gift Given Is a Gift to Use

We are all born with gifts. Some are discovered early on, others, take a while to uncover. And no matter what your gift/s is, whether you see it as usefull right now, they are all there to help us achieve greatness. Not just for ourselves, but to put into this world what we take out of it. I believe I was given brains, understanding, compassion and quite plainly, common sense, to use them. I am not just set one way, I understand things from every angle, and when I speak, when I act, I think about how I might effect people individually. I have a great sense of people and of myself, to understand how people feel and actually care. So these are my gifts. When I get my university education, becoming a veterinarian, and then after internship, I plan to start my own clinic and a Dog Rescue center. I will try to link off from the SPCA, so any dogs they find can come to my center or another. I have always had a great love for animals, so this will be serving a great purpose. I also wish to travel to Africa to be a veterinarian for the animals. They have to eat too, and their main source of food is from cattle and poultry. They cannot get food if their animals turn sick, and even die. I will try my best to help these animals, and these people. I also want to instill values in my children, so they instill them in their children, and so on and so fourth. I know the world is so full of hate and distrust and awful things, but lets not let that take over the so many good things we DO have. By doing for another, you do for yourself, and for another, to lead by example.
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5 Responses Aug 20, 2007

that is great! you will be the change you want to see.......

Thank you

You have a real 'moving' way with words.

Yes. x]

I love your ideas. I take it that you must be young given that you have so much planned ahead of you in life :-)