What Kind of World Do You Want?

I think about what kind of world I want to live in and let it guide me daily.  I guess it goes back to "do unto others" but its more than that.  Sometimes it can be difficult for me to get past wanting things to change to creating the changes I want to see.  The world can be different...I assume anyone who claims they're going to change the world wants a better human environment, one that is more accepting, loving, free.  But maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe there are people who want more destruction in the world, more greed...of course they wouldn't put it that way.  That's the tricky thing.  It's just so hard for me believe that all people aren't motivated towards peace.  Yet look at the world around us.  If we could all just get on the same page.....
JackieZoid JackieZoid
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2007

i think our greatest barrier in the way of peace is ourselves and the way we portray other people, we highlight the differences amongst people whether it be on national political or religious lines. If we found a way to break that divide and find the similarities amongst people- it would be a whole lot easier getting everyone onto the same page.

When I think about changing the world, I must admit that human environment is not the first thing that comes to mind!<br />
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I think the most important thing to address is the way that modern, industrial humanity relates to the non-human environment, first and foremost. Otherwise our chances of making the human environment better seem to be very slim indeed!