We Can Do It!

we need to put all our efforts into saving our world, including us. this means to a point where all humans can SURVIVE on basic needs, animals and food chains can be better maintained so they dont die out. 


we use all our efforts competing with one another, like we are still head hunters! only the strong will survive and get to breed!

this isnt true, we can use agriculture and science/technology to survive. we learn how nature works and make it work for us. this can turn ugly if there are too many people and not enough resources, cos companies will cut down forests which carry alot of biodiversity (species) just to plant one kind of crop. yes this feed the humans, but by doin so you will also change the balance in nature. this is important, as we have not yet fully understand nature and its power, we cannot go disturbing the balance cos the affects are too large.


we all need to organise a plan where we can record how nature is acting, save any species and resource we can, save humans from hunger and sickness. we need to discover nature as this will help our development and the development of our earth.

saving all species will be saving our resources as hopefully we can restore a better balance than now.

we can help search for food/ water/ energy in poorer countries to keep them sustained, as everyone in their own country should be doin. maybe we dont need to trade food around the world if everyone could find food near them. or at least grow some food nearer to themselves. 


this sustainable development, needs to happen now! but we have to stop using money! 

get everyone to a stage where they have the basics clean water, food, shelter and energy.

concentrate on the earth as it is the source of our energy, so we should get to know it better and im sure we would be able to find energy for everyone without destroying earth.

we might be able change the outcome of our future in 3 steps


no money

humans basic survival needs

discover and introduce renewable energy to everyone!

no one will ever have to work for someone and the choices in life are returned to the people. our only job is to follow these steps and maybe other ones when they get discovered. but by doing so we can change the earth as we know it within a couple of years. 

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

I agree with you..money is evil..money can only cause imbalance in society..someone will always be poor thats how the world runs. Everythings got to be free and shared.