Might Change The World

Dont pretend to be someone els, stay true to yourself. What ever cards you get in life. You have the decission to make. So dont be upset were you are. You always have a choice. You are your own writer of your life. When ever seem to have a downhill. Try to look on the bright side. And make something out of it. Life will smile you back..

peonyrose peonyrose
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

definitely.. . there's always something to look forward. . ...it's really up to the person of how to value one thing from another.. . if you treasure yourself enough, life will treasure you back and you can be happy with those things you see less, yet, you already have.. <br />
<br />
if you have a dream, and you think it's bigger than you can handle.. then get ready to face struggle.. be prepared.. experience failure more until you finally get what you want.. <br />
..but of course. . ...each of us have different choices and paths.. ^ᴥ^ <br />
may yours be fruitful ʚ

I believe with the guidance of the lord we can design our own worlds. now if we all could have the same idea, than maybewe could end some of the crisis, pain and destruction in the world if we all could come up with the same idea of peace an serenity.