Well itsw not exactly changing the world,only persons in high Government can go some way to achieveing this.We can all do our little bit to change things and the more of us that do this the more change will be achieved.or this reason i am supporting a child in Africa,so she can receive a decent education,you would be surprised a little can go a long way to changing someones life in these under developed countries,i thought i would mention it,not to brag,however if my words inspire only one other to do the same i would be most gratified,

garvan garvan
51-55, M
6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

You have to be admired for what you have done,few of us would have the courage you have demonstrated,well done,I admire you.

10 years ago I became involved in something from watching a documentary.. it changed the direction of my life, really caused me some major personal (but that's another story) set me on a journey of self discovery. <br />
I met extraordinary people, I travelled to remote places, I learnt a culture, a language.. I found qualities in myself that I never knew I had. <br />
I made a them, and to myself.<br />
I learnt more about human nature than I ever expected to. It made me question everything about my life. I learnt more from poor barefoot fishermen than I've ever learnt from a book.<br />
Did it turn my world upside down? Yes.<br />
Would I do it all again? Yes.<br />
I didn't change the world, but I sure changed a little piece of it :)

Thank you Elfinsong and Themadhatterooo,kind words and appreciated.

Garvan,<br />
You are a kind and caring person..........I admire your putting your beliefs into action

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you seem suck a warm and caring oerson i wish you had more happyness in your life,enjoy and cherish life as much as possible.