Trust Betrayal

Hi there going throught the hardest time of my life right now and as you will read the sense of betrayal i have suffered is killing me.3 Years ago my dad suffered a massive stroke which meant daily visits to hospital for 3 months.In the subsequent years i had the resonsibily of the Power Of Attorney to deal with my parents a 50 hr week look after my mum with alzheimers and try to help my dad who now lives in  a nursing home,the loss of social life was hard as we no longer had sitters and i had to give up playing live music which was a big thing for us as a couple.3 holidays, sports car blabla, and now just i was telling my wife after 18months i had secured and safely invested over 1million pounds for no other reason than security for our own daughter and 2 from my wifes previous, only to find  a txt on her phone after a boozy nite out with the girls from another guy wishing her good night and after leaving in a hurry my wife no matter what i say wont change her mind and wants to start again with this new guy, ive lost my house se-ing my daughter every day and everthing i built up over 13 years, my wife is 38 and stunning while im getting on a bit 47 and the thot of starting again seems terrifying right now,any advise would be great, George Heartbroken
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Wow George<br />
I am sorry I havn't read your post sooner<br />
Get involved with other people in some way.<br />
Your family or even if just people on here.<br />
At least it will make you feel better to see that other people are going through the same thing<br />
I know you will feel lonely even when around people but that will slowly go away<br />
If you are angry allow yourself to feel it. Lash out if need be(not physically) <br />
I am going to add you to my circle<br />
Read all of my posts<br />
Like I said if you see other people are having a crappy time then you won't feel so alone.<br />
The pain will become bearable people are different so I can't say when

Suicide is not an option. I don't have advice for you, except to be as easy on yourself as you can. I think you've tried your best, and you deserve to feel deeply wounded and betrayed. In that being wounded, make sure your response is mature and not out of anger or revenge. You have the moral high ground, and I suggest you patiently use it. With a million pounds kicking around, you should be able to consult a lawyer and a good therapist. I suggest both.Peace from Canada!