It's Inevitable

Always have.

Always will.

It's all just a matter of time and what.

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11 Responses Mar 23, 2008

So DK 'Hard Knocks' was the name of the high school you side skirted.. interesting!<br />
<br />
too funny OxyDoughboy. good to see you back friend, we've missed you!

I have learnt from my mistakes so well.......... that I can duplicate them all exactly

I don't call it "doing something stupid," I call it a learning experience...<br />
<br />
~hopes to graduate some day from the <br />

Sign me up.

Bring on the next stupid mistake!

Amen Vowels.. Life's best lessons are learned from what not to do. I've made some whopper mistakes.. done some pretty stupid things... but rarely made the sme mistake twice.. Mom couldn't tell me a thing.. But what the hell - I've had a lot of fun down the wrong road... a wonderful bumpy ride indeed.

Wouldn't leave you out Luv!<br />
You're the ring leader in the stupidity party.<br />

Hey , count me in y'all. I have plenty of opportuities to do something stupid and I rarely miss one them.

I love the way you think CupFull... and believe me - that's the only way I do 'um<br />
<br />

Make it big DG, make it count.

This is probably true of everyone. I like to embrace my stupidities ... there's either a lesson or a giggle in them somewhere.