Seemed Like a Good Idea

I was heading home from the gym when I saw the beginnings of a spectacular sunset.  Having one picture left on my camera, why not capture that moment.  There is a scenic overlook where this could be accomplished so I drove off the road and to that spot.  Did real well until I remembered I was driving on 2 feet of hard snow.  Thinking not a good idea now, I slowly began to turn around when TADA, the fron end of my "cruiser" sinks.  Now I'm cooked.  A friend sees me from the road and commences to drive his huge 4 wheel drive truck out to save me.  In doing so, he completely tore up the hard pack snow, which was my only way out.  We get my cruiser out of the snow and onto the hard packed snowmobile trail.  We cannot tow my car through 2 feet of snow so I am stranded on a snowmobile trail, facing the wrong direction and no way to get to the road.  Such fun.  Eventually turning inch by inch I got the car turned around and headed in the direction where there was a place to enter the highway from the trail.  So I headed off down the snowmobile trail getting surprised looks from people passing by on the highway.  A half mile down the trail I could finally exit and get back on the highway. Oh yes, that sunset that started this flawed logic in motion, missed it!  But in the beginning it all seemed such a good idea.   

rhettbuttler69 rhettbuttler69
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2 Responses Mar 29, 2008

At the time I was not laughing, but it soon became evident to me what an idiot idea that was. We just got 8 inches of snow and when I pass the site of my "dumb idea", I just have to smile and remember not to do that again.

I am so sorry but that story is a riot! I'm sure you weren't amused at the time. I would be very frustrated. I hate getting stuck in the snow.