I Will Ruin Everything

I can feel it brewing up.
I've been too sensible for too long.
Something has to give soon.
But I have too much to lose, so I mustn't.
I have a loving, careing, devoted wife. A great house, with a great garden. A fabulous car. A wonderful job, with great colleagues and a brilliant boss.
But I can feel it coming.
One way or other I could ruin the lot.
I'm pushing my luck further than ever before.
Why oh why can't I just be happy. Or at least settle for content?
Heellover Heellover
36-40, M
3 Responses Jun 14, 2012

Don't do it, might regret it!

How beautifully incitefull. You know, I never looked at it like that. Thank you. You have inspired me to the point beyond ignoring a stupid comment. To the point where I feel it is necessary to attempt an insult.

Never tried yoga, have done tai chi though. That's irrelevent anyway, I'm perfectly capable of being calm. It's being sensible I struggle with.

Yoga or meditation may help ya calm down some. Have ya thought about that? Sounds as if ya have too much to lose, without it. Ya outta give it a try.