My to Do List:

Actually I will be graduating from college in 6 months. So for my final semster I have made some plans, some good ,some stupid:

1. Arrive ridiculously late for a lecture. ( I am always 5 mins early. It been 3(1/2) years)

2. Score a perfect 10! ( I've touched 9.22 but not--10 this semsters result is due-- lets hope! ;)  )

3.Get kicked out of a class! ( It is really stupid thought. But picture this my friends and I are considered most studious students and we all want to be thrown out of class - just once!!)

4. Bunk a lecture for a movie.(never done it!)

5. Stay overnight at the girls hostel. ( I am a day scholar)

6. Tell some teachers- how hopeless they are at teaching.

7. Tell some teachers . They are par excellence as teachers.

8. Make a project and gift it to college. Project will be related to a theory so that juniors can learn from it.


More when I meet my friends and get their ideas too! :P

tenderfoot1 tenderfoot1 22-25, F 2 Responses Dec 23, 2008

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I am very level-headed person. I normally don't do such things. But the thing is I want to do some things before college. These are time-bound things which I know I won't do or will never get a chance to experience once this age, time and people around me change.

Good things, I keep doing them daily it is my way of life. Charity, I have my ways-which many don't understand. And they don't need to.

Maybe it's better to do something good that will please you and your family.

To participate in charities. What do you think about it?