Ex Boyfriend

i recently dumped my boyfriend and he still likes me. i said i wanted to be friends and he said yeah why not. so we are friends but i think he has split personality because in the afternoons he says he doesnt want to be my friend but in the mornings he invites me places. i am scared to go places alone with him and wish he would stop trying to get me to go back out with him. so last night he kept asking me who i liked and i kept saying no no no and he goes well if you can trust me i can tbe your friend and started abusing me so i rang my friend begging for help because i knew i was going to do something stupid and i was crying and thought i would end up running. i really wanted to go for a walk but that would mean sneaking out and possibly getting raped but i didnt car ei just wanted to get onto a train and go somewhere. the terrible thing is that my ex boyfriend lives across the road which means we hang around the same people in the afternoons and one of them is who i like and he is trying to turn them against me and i dont want that because my friend taylah is the only one i tell everything to because she is always there but she doesnt want to help me to much anymore. i just want my normal life back where i dont need to save my emotions for bed time and think im goign to do something stupid.

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1 Response Sep 22, 2009

all i can say is hang on and run regrets may play a part in that