Ima draw a picture to see if i still can.


Arorin Arorin
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16 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I say it does have to be good though. I set my own standards.

It doesn't have to be "good" by traditional standards. Probably my favourite pictures ever are the ones that professionals would turn their hairy noses up at. :)

i think i will try to be a metal god i dont like to get hit very good...

I am a guitar pla<x>yer. I plan to either be a metal god or a fighter. I want to make my own bran of guitar one day so it will all be up to me,

I think i am going to stick to guitar designs...

dont lie it is only the very first step up from stick figure. I am sure you are a lot better then me.

I had a bunch of pictures i tried to draw in front of me but for that one i didnt.

i have come to the realization i am still no good. It seemed like it would be no problem in my head...

I couldn't put my picture up here so i had to put it in my album. In my private section. It didn't turn out to be a lion.

I don't know what that means.

I don't trace i take an image i see and draw it in my head.

bt the main there is so much hair... i can draw a bird but i didn't think this would be hard.

I dunno if i can do this lions are a lot harder to draw then i thought...

Excuse me. I stumbled in here by mistake.

This is hard...

oooo how do i do that?