Larry's Career

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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I thought only women pole danced! Look at the muscles on that studmime

Oh thanks. P90X ya'll


Took me hours to do the face paint and sow the patches but an eternity to learn Dente's choriography! She is the true master of the genre and I, merely her little **** boy, mime, glittery, pasty faced, overgrown ********, trying to earn soiled, soccer-mom fed $$$$ to put myself through med school.


1st place, yeah? You must be proud a me

im always proud of you

Ahhh schucks sugar britches. You so sweet!

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am creeped out

not gonna lie ... that was also part of the "appeal"

(srsly that won 1st prize in Australia)

He can really work his pole!