Part 2

The following morning became a bit more of a challenge. The plan was that we would leave very early, as in around 4 or 5 in the morning. I was to remain naked until daybreak. However, we realized that there were a lot of people out and about, as we were ready to leave. So for me sitting nude in the car and Brad to pull up at the front office, return the keys and pick up some courtesy coffee for us became a bit impractical. Also we didn't need all that attention and Brad decided to get my dress for the day.
I swear, he must have gone through memory lane, as he pulled the clothes for me. He came into the motel room with a dress, which we bought when we went on a very belated honeymoon in France. It was was a green crochet dress. I personally would have preferred some underwear and pointed that out to him. He said he didn't bring any. The dress was rather short and my skin was shining through it. He made me stand like this next to the car, while he checked the room to make sure that nothing was left behind. As usual, I have to hug and kiss him, before entering or exiting the car. There was no graceful way to do this. This became especially evident, when we stopped at a gas station. I had to do the honors to fill up gas, while he went inside to get us some sausage biscuits. I had to wait for him, so I could give him a hug and a kiss, before getting back into the car. While doing that, he lifted my dress and gave me a love slap on my bare behind - in front of quite a few people. I went inside the car in a hurry. I kind of really didn't like this and I told him so. But not in as nice a tone, as I should have. I immediately and profusely apologized, as he reminded me of all the privileges and soft limits, I had worked so hard to earn back. From under his seat, he pulled out a *****. It was huge. But in lieu of loosing everything, I had to insert it. I had to play with myself, but was not allowed to have an ******. By the time we reached Miami, I was dripping wet and exhausted. But there was no mercy, I felt not just exhausted, but also raw down there and wanted to stop. He said no, so I continued until we arrived in Key West. We checked into our hotel and I took a long hot shower. I was still in the shower, when Brad told me that he was going to get some beer for the night. When he returned he also had a bottle of wine for me and told me that he had ordered a pizza for us and that they were coming to bring it to the room. There was a knock on the door and Brad nodded for me to go and open the door. He gave me a $50 bill to pay the guy. This time, it was a guy and he grinned from ear to ear. He took his ever so sweet time to find the change.
And it was rather difficult to get all covered holding a hot pizza box in one hand and holding the other hand open for the change. After he was finally done, Brad ordered me to give him a good tip for his trouble.
I had hoped to get lucky that night, after he licked the heck out of my sore **** and after I had given him a *******. He did not take me, he did not allow me to climax. I went to bed very frustrated.
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mmm thanks for sharing. Greetings from the Space Coast.

you are a very good sub!

mmmm very hot.

Ahhh so hot so horny and no satisfaction!!! Ahhhh!

How did you find fantasy fest? I lived there many years - in my opinion they were better several years ago.

Oh, well well. eager to hear more