Job Hunting Sucks!

i had a great job. the best job in the world! i know there are people out there who think their job is great. but really, i had the very best job!

i was a cook on an ocean going vessel. not connected to the military. i made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for up to 8 people. snacks, and deserts too. i worked maybe 5 hours a day. the rest of the time, i played video games, read books, worked out, or slept.

i worked approximately 60 days at a time. then i would have 60 days off. with pay! can you beat that?!! i had half a year off with pay! while i was at work, we would pull into places like San Diego, Honolulu, Seattle, san Francisco, Anchorage, and dozens of small towns in between. i saw the Padres in San Diego. the A's in Oakland, the Seahawks in Seattle, the Laker's in Los Angeles. and i was on the clock while i was at the game. drinking down frosty cold beverages. damn! that was the life!

so what happened? well, i have a son. he is 5 now, but he will be 6 in April. while i was at sea, i would send him to live with relatives of mine. i would fly with him, then enroll him at a day care in what ever city he was in. occasionally the boat i was working on would stop in the same town he was in, and we would go have a good time together. but now that he is 5, i have to put him thru school. no more moving around every 60 or so days. he has gotta stay in one place now, and so do i. i love my son more than anything in the world, so i left the best job on the planet, to be a full time dad, and land lubber.

i know i wont  ever find a job that comes close to the one i had. but the search continues. if you have kids, don't try to beat college into their heads from a young age. tell them to go to sea instead. i do.

nine4dnine nine4dnine
41-45, M
Feb 20, 2008