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Job Hunting Sucks!

i had a great job. the best job in the world! i know there are people out there who think their job is great. but really, i had the very best job!

i was a cook on an ocean going vessel. not connected to the military. i made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for up to 8 people. snacks, and deserts too. i worked maybe 5 hours a day. the rest of the time, i played video games, read books, worked out, or slept.

i worked approximately 60 days at a time. then i would have 60 days off. with pay! can you beat that?!! i had half a year off with pay! while i was at work, we would pull into places like San Diego, Honolulu, Seattle, san Francisco, Anchorage, and dozens of small towns in between. i saw the Padres in San Diego. the A's in Oakland, the Seahawks in Seattle, the Laker's in Los Angeles. and i was on the clock while i was at the game. drinking down frosty cold beverages. damn! that was the life!

so what happened? well, i have a son. he is 5 now, but he will be 6 in April. while i was at sea, i would send him to live with relatives of mine. i would fly with him, then enroll him at a day care in what ever city he was in. occasionally the boat i was working on would stop in the same town he was in, and we would go have a good time together. but now that he is 5, i have to put him thru school. no more moving around every 60 or so days. he has gotta stay in one place now, and so do i. i love my son more than anything in the world, so i left the best job on the planet, to be a full time dad, and land lubber.

i know i wont  ever find a job that comes close to the one i had. but the search continues. if you have kids, don't try to beat college into their heads from a young age. tell them to go to sea instead. i do.

nine4dnine nine4dnine 41-45, M 1 Response Feb 20, 2008

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I commend you that you put your son above your own pleasure. Many Dads wouldn't do the same thing. You're son will grow up to appreciate the sacrifice you made for him.