i do believe that there is a reason for everything that happens to us in our lives.
  some reasons are obvious. you stub your toe, because you didn't look where you were walking.
  some reasons are hidden. i am a cross dresser. i was not the type who started trying on mother's shoes, or her clothes when i was 5 years old. i didn't think about it, it never entered my mind. but when i was 13, i tried on one of my mother's girdles.
  and i do not know why. but i am going to explore this, though i'm not exactly sure how i'm going to do this, to see if i can find some answers.
wish me luck,
Nita427 Nita427
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i'm not sure if i am ever going to find a concrete reason or reasons for Nita being in my life.<br />
perhaps as a way of making me look within. to make me look at myself with a critical eye. and i have been exploring this avenue.<br />
i haven't really gotten any real answers. but it hasn't hurt. at least i am becoming more and more comfortable with this duality that is "us", Nita n Steve.

ty darlin. moe and more i do realize that i am not alone. and that is comforting.

and the ride continues. i have still not found any clues, scientifically speaking, psychologically speaking.<br />
all i can say is that we were put here to learn. and apparently, in another life, and i do believe in reincarnation, i missed a lesson. i failed a test.<br />
so here i am again, taking the same test, with the same questions, and pondering the same answers.<br />
i so wish that this was a multiple guess. at least i could illiminate the obvious "idiot" answers.<br />
now i have to stumble on.

oh my, now you make me smile.<br />
<br />

Something just clicks inside of us, I don't know why but we all have a "trigger" if you will and it can cause several different outcomes. What causes some people to act or behave the way they do is a result of this trigger being let go and it isn't us, ourselves that have full control either, enviroment, mood, situations all can contribute. We are here for the ride so to speak, just look out the window and enjoy the scenery that passes and if you have a chance, interact with it. No one should ever tell us how the Sun sets, look at it ourselves, then we will both know and understand the wonder of it all.

darlin paddytram,<br />
we think alike, although we are not one the same track, we are owned by the same railroad, going to the same destination. with a little help, from our friends, we can arrive at that destination in a little bit better shape than we would have arrived without them. i think you are helping. thank you for being a friend.<br />
<br />

We are all on a journey. I never tried any of my mums stuff either, had no desire to do so, but instead it was just one of those "things", I dressed up one day for work--it was Halloween-- and something just clicked. By the end of the day I kicked the wig and never put on the rest of the items-- makeup, earrings, that sort of thing but was comfortable in the garmets. By doing such I still got compliments, go figure, I was a male in female clothing--no Bra ( i find womens chests intimidating but thats whole other thing) and no one seemed to have an issue and I had fun. That was a few years ago and since then I have come to realize that there is another part of me, it is I was just never able to clearly see this but after reading articles and talking to others, it is a rare setup I have (Androgyne) but it is not uncommon, it is a mental so more so than physical veiw of myself, see myself as both sexes merged into one. Confusing? yes, Kind of foggy?, yes it is that too, don't know if I'll ever have the full answer for it but I have accepted what is and have decided to proceed with life. The garmets are just an ex<x>pression of this 'merged' me. We are all human and I believe each of us has our own idiosyncrasies, it is just how we choose to display them to the world or not, there is no such thing as "Normal", we all have our innerselves and if each of us was opened up and revealed, there would a vast amount "things" exposed. Enjoy your life, its the only one we get, what it is all is about I will leave to the philosophers and the religious ones, for I haven't a clue but will live each day and try to learn from my fellow beings.

ty darlin. will do.

Yes, explore and let us know, always interested in personal stories of this nature Nita.