I went to the local college today. Apparantly the person I really ought to have talked with wasn't working this week (d'oh!) but I talked with a couple of the people there and they recommended I go to a college open day which would allow me to have a chat with the course tutors for the courses that I am interested in finding out about. Unfortunately I have to wait til the 25th of February for that; but it's still progress in a way, lol. I found out that there "should" be a course of some kind that will interest me, starting around the end of February (so giving me no time at all between the open day and the actual course starting, d'oh!) so that means at least I wouldn't be waiting til September to start. The courses that start then would only be very short (like 8 week) part time courses, so I guess they'd be limited in what I could actually learn in the time; but still college is college. =) Now all I need to do is go to the dole (welfare) and see if I can get anyy information out of them regarding what if any education I'm allowed to do without it affecting my benefits (welfare payments). I also need to find out if there is some way to get funding for a college course, or the cost of public transport to and from college.
The courses I am interested in are ART courses, and these are all run from the campus in Rhos-on-sea which is quite far away, so it would cost me £100 for the bus tickets to do an eight week part time course. Then there's the fees for the college.. and I don't know what I can do about that while I am on ESA (welfare). I highlyy doubt I'll get the information I need from the dole, so I am also planning on visiting the Benefits Advice Shop which gives free advice about benefits so that maybe they can come up with ideas and inform me about how best to go about getting back in college without it affecting my benefits, and about any funding that may be available to help me.  Hopefully I should be able to do all this tomorrow.. though I have until February 25th to find out for certain whether I would be able to sort out the financial side of things.. then maybee I can sign up on the open day at the campus in Rhos-on-sea and start a short part time art course in March. =)
There's even a possibility if all this goes well, that there could be a way to get to do a full time course in September. I really hope so. I've actually been feeling envious as helll of my friend who started a full time art course in September last year, so now I reallyy want to be on one too! I think I've deserved it for a long time so now just hoping I can work out how to do it and get myself, finally, back in college. =)

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013