I Don't Like Having Unfinished Goals.

Even though, I firmly believe that having a college degree in itself does not necessarily measure one's intellect, I don't like having unfinished personal goals. So yes, I do plan on getting back into college to complete my Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

TopazSkye TopazSkye 26-30, F 10 Responses May 11, 2009

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Go for it!

I agree that a degree is not a measure of one's intellect, but of one's desire to fulfill one's self.

I returned to college at age 39 and changed my major from Computer Science to Art. I went, not for a job, but for the knowledge that I wanted. I was fearful at first, but found that my life experiences made many of the classes easier than they were for the young students right out of high school.

I learned so much more than I ever anticipated, both from the curriculum and from the staff and other students! Looking back, I feel like it was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

The way psych is taught is very "dry" but it's one of many things I am strongly drawn to.

Others have told me to switch to Comp Sci, because I'm "good at computers" too But if I were to listen to most recommendations, I'd end up having changed my major multiple times, or going for numerous degrees LOL

Thank you for the support Alex and congratulations on finishing :)

LOL Thank you my friend :)

Attagirl! I don't know you that well yet, but I think you and psychology will get along just peachy-like. :-)

Old schmold! You'd have a sense of accomplishment, yes? Doesn't that stand for something? :P

Honey, I'm old. Even if I got the degree I wanted I wouldn't have the energy to do anything with it! :P

Aww sweetie...If I can do it, YOU can do it! We'll do it together! : )

Good for you! Of course a degree doesn't measure intelligence, but it takes some to get one, right? Go for it. Trust me, it will get harder the longer you wait. I started some grad courses and got sidetracked. It looks like that's where it's going to stay. :(

Thank you very much for the support : ) I appreciate it.

Way to go. Just finish it out.