Peace, Love, Duct-tape

 My best friend, Red is a mechanical engineering major. Because of this and a childhood obsession with all things sharp and pointy, his fingers twitch nervously if he doesn't have them embedded in some form of physical project*. Short story even shorter, when that wild hair up his *** starts itching, he builds ****. Crazy awesome ****.

In high school, he even concocted this brilliant idea:


A duct-tape mask. (note the sharp pointy thing).

And yes, one of our favorite pastimes was scaring little children by walking around with his furry head encased within the silvery mask of duct-tape-death.

However, he was not content with a piddly widdle Halloween mask.

Soon after completing his fiendish mask, the wild hair encroached further upon his colon. He wanted to construct "the ultimate in duct-tape fashion." A trench coat…Believe it or not, he actually got pretty ************* close to finishing it all**. He was just starting to work on the tail end of the trench coat when he moved away for college***.

It doesn't end there. Every week, he calls me to explain/iron-out/boast/hypothesize his latest project.


* Including his girlfriend. This is not an exaggeration.
** If I can find a picture of the half-completed project, I'll update the story.
*** The university setting proved to be a the perfect environment for crazy-hair-breeding. There is a hive of wild hairs currently living in his rectum (damn near killed 'em) these days. Some other projects include: bionic limbs (made from whittled wood, welded metal, duct-taped PVC pipe, and anything else he could get his hands on), various types of hidden weaponry, and things that go boom****.
**** Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are his idols.

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Especially if you add the sharp pointy ob<x>ject factor.<br />
<br />
And Enya. She always ups the epic ante.

Duct tape trench coats are epic.