My Little King Charles Cavalier Nikey

I have a dog called Nikey who at present is staying with my girlfriend he is so cute and adorable also very smart,he picks up things so quick that its as if he is a human being trapped in a dogs body,he can dance also when the music is playing by jumping up on his back legs and when me and my girlfriend would play sing song he would bark into the mike and join in,Nikey is almost 3 i think and is now happy with a girlfriend of his own more then what i can say about myself at least one of us is geting are leg over,but aprt from that he is happy he has a big garden to run about in and he has little tops and doggy jackets to keep him warm,and now my girlfriend has now gone and got him a Birmingham City FC dish the poor little dog so now i am going to have to go out and get him a Aston Villa dish its hard for me just latley as i have not sen him for some time and i am scared of losing my bond with him after all the trainning i have put into him as,my girlfriend is soft on him and lets him get away with most things like laying on the bed and letting him control her it was more like bad cop good cop when we lived together as i was the bad cop and i was firm with him as he had to be flat  trained,but he was a quick learner i love and miss that dog i am hoping to spend some time with him as i am planning to take him cruffs to get some clothes for him as if Paris Hilton can dress her dog i can do it to .........

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Mar 5, 2010