It's Just A Part Of Life

I been through hell and back again but what can one say about it?
You cry to yourself and say why me? I never deserved any of these things that went to hell.
Maybe and maybe not is a good question to ask one's self.
For everything in life there is a reason for it. We just don't understand it at the time.
It would be the most wonderful world if things were to be the way we'd want them to be.
There is a purpose and reason for it all. Only in time and experiences we have may we really
understand it all.
Life is a book being wrote in chapters as time goes by. There are many to be be lived and learned from.
It's just a part of life. Live and learn, love and grow. It's all you have here.
It's just a part of life.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

well said!