it ****** me when I see a group without a logo and I give one to most of them, but from now on, this will be the one I will be giving to groups, waddya think? ;)


Floydian Floydian
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Hehe :P

*nods head and smiles*

What do you mean trying to be? I am intimidating!!!!!!

Ohhhh Floydian is trying to be intimidating!!

Yeah yeah, i am going t kick your *** one day just wait and watch!

haha yeah XD The group that fell short of your expectations lol


Your commenting as if its your story! :P

Achilles! haha!!<br />
<br />
Floydian: Pfft!! :P

lol i know, and i was not mad, just up for some jackassery lol<br />
<br />
hehe that finger one right?

Yeah. But I said you were a hypcrite because you got mad about people making experiences without logos and yet most of the ones you have made have no logo!!

I put a logo on one of ur groups too. ^^

Hehehe thats why i stopped!!! :P

Erm. I dunno. Look at your started experiences and it'll show you. :P But I was gonna do it to all of them. But I'd have to join them all to do it.

Which group did you give this logo to btw?




Hehehehe!!!! Nvm i gave up after giving it to a few groups..

I just did that to one of your groups you giant hypcrite!! :P

awww love ya too sweet! :-)

Ha! This is why I love you! Nicely done!

Hehe thanks, part of it is self made! LOL