Can't Wait

Today I have got a date for a consultation with the surgeon who is going to perform my breast augmentation, I am so happy as it a big step to becoming the woman I really want to be. I can't wait until March 3rd when I have my first consultation with my surgeon and then the operation should be taking place two weeks later.

Just a quick update, the cosultation went well but I haven't had the operation yet, but I have got the date and that is the 23rd of April and I will be a 38c once I have had the operation, so I have gone and treated myself to a new bra in blue satin with gold trimming to wear once all is comfortable.

Jennianne Jennianne
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9 Responses Feb 16, 2010

How did it go? Are you pleased with the outcome?

that will be one of the best days of my life I'm sure yours too!

Did you ever get your breast augmentation?

I hope everything went well for you. You are very lucky!!

Thanks for all your lovely compliments

wow hon. That is awesome. Every gurls dream. Guys will be fighting over you<br />

i am very happy for you

I will be happy to post a picture of my new balcony hun when they are done

Good on you. I hope you'll post a pic or two of your new balcony when it's ready!