Bad And Proud Of It

I have had FUN in this life time.
Not all good honest fun though.

So according to "Christians" I am headded for hell.
I look forward to it if it happens.

I think it will be one mad party for those who have LIVED!!

melissamel melissamel
36-40, F
3 Responses Oct 4, 2011

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Both heaven and hell are the products of man's imagination - bronze age man that is. Ever stop to think why "god" is a father...all monotheistic religions are patriarchial!! increasing numbers of young people today, especially in the developed first world states have realised that religion holds us hostage to an invisible, all mighty, omniscient being who you must constantly apologise to for your "sins" and praise for "his" interest in you...! So many so-called evangelican preachers are quit simply cynical opportunists, raking in millions from deluded, impressionable and poorly informed lost "souls" out there.<br />
So, live your life to the fullest because its the only one you ever have....

Amen - hopefully there is plenty more not good honest fun ahead.