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I've Been Told

I have been informed that I am going to hell. I don't believe in the classic Christian "hell." I'm looking forward to going to the Christian "hell." My friends and family are already there. Being in "hell" certainly beats eternal choir practice!
CrazyWaterSpring CrazyWaterSpring 51-55, M 4 Responses Jan 28, 2012

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alone with god

i rather be in heaven

I'll TOTALLY bring extra cool drinks for the BOTH of us!! :D

Sure....I'll bring a GIANT cooler and we can all share!! :)

Awesome..this is starting to sound like a party!! CWS will LOVE it!!

You are NOT going to hell!!!! You're too caring, thoughtful, considerate, giving and loving. Sure you've done some devilish acts (we all have) who ever told you that misinformed you!!!! :)