I Love My Cousin

I think I am going to hell because I want to love my cousin and marry her and have babys with her. I am the first one to post a story here, so please write more and make me feel like I am not the only one here going to hell.

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There is no Hell, so you can't go there. It's just a mythical place invented to scare people.

You can't prove Hell doesn't exist, just like you can't prove it does. I respect your opinion, but that's all it is. You've presented it as fact. Perhaps the poster does believe in a Hell. Now, I believe in Hell. I just don't believe it's a giant fire pit. Maybe it's just another dimension. Maybe it's actually like a big Disneyland. Who knows?

Marrying your cousin doesnt mean you will go to hell. Look up islam :) <br />
its completely normal

Before you leave us, I ask you kindly to watch the link below......Thanks<br />
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I am an ex soldier who was left disabled in a ski accident in 2000 and knows all too well about Biblical Truths. <br />
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In a nut shell a girl dies, is taken to hell and heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ.<br />
<br />
She is shown Pope John Paul II, Michael Jackson & children as young as 8.<br />
It is easier to share the story on a video and to get your attention........<br />
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Please listen to my testimony which will give you hope.<br />
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I welcome feedback

marrying your cousin is not a crime , i can assure you ....<br />
there is no religion that forbids the cousin marriages . ..<br />
you can take my word for it

Love is a precious thing. You shouldn't have to worry about going to hell because of who you love. Worry about who you hate and what you do to them, not who you love. Love is blessed and is the very basis of Christianity. These restrictions are the evil twist that church leaders give doctrine to further control people. So stop worrying, mating with even your 1st cousin is natural and is common among many species.

What kind of sadistic god would create you and then roast you in eternal hellfire because of it? Do you honestly believe in the depths of your soul that you are definitely going to a place called 'Hell'? Please.<br />
<br />
You were created by God, therefore you were created in His perfect image, like we ALL ARE. So rationally these feelings in you are natural and as God is Pure Divine Love, any mutual ex<x>pression of love between his creations is healthy if both parties are consenting, and you both know in your hearts that what you both feel is more than lust. <br />
<br />
Mate if your cousin is attracted to you then I say go for it, why can't you have love too? Everybody deserves love and to be loved. <br />
<br />
I'm sick of the 'biblical' getting very wealthy from providing entertaining shows filled with music, dancing, laughing, worship and hands in air! Now everyone's feeling happy and serotonin levels are increased it's time for the collection plates, couldn't miss that one, HELL NO! Then maybe a few more songs and a captivating and energetic sermon using shouting and fast movements and entrancing words and patterns of speech. Another collection after every one has been energized by the pastor,this time for some poor person or for the church again! Take take take. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh their ways to the bank. A few more songs and prayer, a bit of gossip and backstabbing and that, is church, everywhere I've been. It is not of God and I am now more than confident that I will NEVER burn in any hell, I am a good soul and I know it. Me and my Creator have a personal relationship. <br />
<br />
Who still believe this hell bollocks after so long. Where is the proof of Hell anyway? It's time to wake up and remove this fear of 'hell and it's eternal flames' from our long damaged and oppressed psyches. A life of feeling guilty and wondering if one is going to burn in hell is not healthy. Express your love, as much as you can, without shame, without fear...Love one another passionately, as Love Is God and we are all of God.<br />
<br />
I wish you and your cousin all the best if/when you proceed with forming a more intimate relationship. Have such a happy life and be radiant and shine with love with your new family. Please don't fear a fictional reality.

need to build a hell first. Dont belive everything you read!

You have to do better than that to get into hell. Your God is a horse's butt if you think that he would send you to hell for something that, might check out another church that believes in forgiveness and grace. BTW, there was an experiment a few years ago where they bred pigeons and hatched and raised them apart from siblings and cousins. When they put the pigeons together to seek mates among relatives and non relatives, who did they pick? You guessed it, their closest relatives.

Since my husband and I accepted and seriously studied the Bible for 20 years, then recognized the impossibility that it is a book from "God," and since we also find no basis, no foundation for any other religion, I am confident that there is no hell. What lies ahead after death, I cannot say as I know no one who has been there and broght back pictures. :D <br />
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You are not likely to be going to hell.<br />
<br />
Do research the possibilities of what could happen to a child from such a union. It would be cruel to bring a child into this world if it were known to be likely to have serious problems.

Hell is fictional. Love happens sometimes where you least expect it.

I've gone to Thailand and gotton drunk nuf said.

Again I do not believe in the existence of hell except on earth.

Dont worry I'll see you there