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Excuse me, i would just like to clear the air. god is control of e verything... whether you believe it or not. And when yo uthink of hell... ummm. no. It's not going to be a freaking party, you can't be free. You're stuck in a miserable firey, sandy, hell-hole. you're with the devil and he will whip you day and night. hell is a miserable place that god made to punish people who don't believe in him.

on that note.. have fun in hell :)

chilli013lilif chilli013lilif
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4 Responses Mar 30, 2010

"hell is a miserable place that god made to punish people who don't believe in him."<br />
Nope. God doesn't punish us. We punish us. How? Well, we worship the pleaser of body , not caring about the pain of our soul. When we die, our body dissapers, so we feel our soul's pain... All that pain and sarrow... And so we send ourselfs to hell.<br />
<br />
Forgive others and God will forgive you and more important, you will be able to forgive yourself.<br />
<br />
Help others as much as you can, bacause you can change everything. Gos is with us all even with you and he is helping us alot so lets help Him to save the world :)<br />
<br />
Plaese who can help me in this struggle to show hummanity that hell can be evaded if they change. it is hard to message 150 people :(<br />
<br />
God bless you all!

I am glad you are going to heaven!

Jesus said Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself. Wasn't your comment - have fun in Hell - rather mean? It certainly wasn't loving your neighbour as yourself. Does that qualify you for a place in Hell? I doubt it cos I clearly don't think God is as mean as you were in your post.

A maschosit's heaven. Cheers.