First Time Offender

Well I will officially be making my first visit to Jail in a few days, and I wanted to post on here to get out some feelings...

This all started back in July of last year. I was driving my car along with a few friends in their cars on a beautiful summer night. I launched my car from a light (being an idiot) and drove rapidly down the road. I made 2 different turns, and my car started to misfire, and finally cut off while driving. From start to when my car broke down is less than 2 miles. I pulled the car into a driveway (safest possible place) and got out to check the damage/call a tow truck. About a minute after getting out I heard sirens and didn't think too much of it, about a minute after that 8-9 police cars came into the neighborhood with lights/sirens blaring. I come to find out later, that a guy in the neighborhood that works for neighborhood watch called the police because he heard sirens, and saw/heard a suspicious loud vehicle (my car being suspicious because it was not running when I pulled it into the neighborhood so I had no lights on). The officer put me in cuffs, read me my rights, and started asking me why I was running. I told them I was not running from anyone, and I didnt ever see them. The officer asked me 5 more times, and I kept saying the same thing. After a few minutes of questioning I noticed the officer was getting a bit uneasy. He then walked up into my face and yelled for me not to lie to him, and that he KNOWS I was running from him. So me being a 24 year old, that has NEVER been in this type of situation before, I just agreed with him and told him that I was just scared. He then put me in the back of the car, and took me down to get booked, and I spent about 4 hours in a holding cell until my bond was met. I was charged with Class 1 Misdemeanor Reckless driving, and Class 6 Felony Eluding.

So skip forward 8 months and about 2500 dollars later (lawyer fees).....

I went into court last Friday, and my case was heard by the circuit court. I was made out to be a liar (the officer says he only asked me once if I was running and that I admitted it, and that he was at one point ~50 yards behind me with lights/sirens), and my lawyer did nothing but sit and let this happen. I had a witness that was on the first road when the "chase" was going on that saw the whole thing first hand, and proved that the police were never within a 1/4 mile of me. The only thing my lawyer really said was that I am a good person, and have military and college experience, and have a perfect +5 driving record. Other than that he just let me roast on the stand.

So needless to say I was found guilty of the Class 1 midemeanor reckless driving, and got 12 months with all 12 suspended for that. For the eluding, the judge dropped it to a class 2 misdemeanor (because the officers side of the story was so vague) and gave me 6 months in jail with NONE suspended (3 on good behavior).

I keep asking myself why countless people before my case were heard, and all had either 2nd or 3rd offense DUI's or assault charges, and I got the longest jailtime out of anyone from the whole day in court... What is the logic behind sending someone with a great career, no prior record, and a perfect driving score to jail for the full time on a non-violent first offense? I haven't had a speeding ticket since 2004, and now I get this bomb dropped on me. I was approved for work release, but my job wants nothing to do with that. So it looks like I will be spending 90 days straight stuck in the slammer.

So let this be a lesson to all of you young guys that might get bullied around by police officers in the future.. Don't EVER admit to something if you didnt do it, no matter how much they intimidate you.....
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Sounds familiar, my friend, especially the eluding charge. That was the main charge that they got me for in DeKalb County, Ga when I was 20. By the time that I walked out of the courtroom, I had until the end of that week (3 days) to surrender myself to serve 275 days in jail.

Yes, I had outstanding tickets and yes, I even deserved to get some jail time, but right at nine months?

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