Going To Jail In May

Wow! It really is amazing to go through the Criminal Justice System for Marijuana. Just to see yourself getting the same sentence as all those thief's and criminals who assault others and that our whacked out on crazy drugs! It really is such an injustice to have felony Marijuana laws. I mean 18 months to 4 years in jail, for literally having something that comes out of the ground. My fiance is pregnant, I am suicidal in every way possible, on medication to curb my anxiety, but that is not working, seeing numerous therapist is not working! WTF am I gonna do????? No point of letting your employer know, they just fire you when they herd of my situation! Wish my girlfriend would just get an abortion, but all of you know that is not happening! FK my life!
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I'm truly sorry that your life ended up that way, but you must want to change. What gets me is the State I live in just legalized a federally illegal drug, and added illegal marriage. God has not changed those rules according to Romans 1:20. but things have to go from bad to worse. Yeah, it's one big Mell of a Hess! I had to go to a hearing one time, and it really scared me too. I even sat in on a very nice Judge's hearing about the same kind of complaint and he asked me afterwards why I was listening since I was the only one. He asked me if I wanted this accusation on my record, without even telling my side?
Goodness no, but my lawyer friend told me I would lose. It might have helped if I had a nice unpredjudiced Judge, but he was a very different kind of Judge. After the recorder stopped, he decided to yell at me, since I slightly whispered to my friend at the back of the court room where he told me to wait for my paper. The complainer got hers first and disappeared. I went into hiding for over a year. I lived in fear that I might bump into her in a store or a fast food joint and he had added if it occurred "duebally or unduebably, I would be arrested. For what you might say? I go from door to door with a message of hope and I was a real dope for letting a friendly woman invite me and my 72 year old friend inside her home. A 10 year old girl also accompanied me, but when she saw that we were invited in, she turned around and rushed back to her Mom. But this woman told the Judge, "It wasn't a 72 year old woman who came to my home, it was a girl with long dark hair and glasses." His reply was, "You people might have rights, but you don't have the right to scare people." I had told the woman that we were the people who did what Acts 20:20 says to do, We go from door to door, and village to village, and would you like to have a free book about Creation." She evidently did not want it.
I really hope that they will make an adjustment to that rule because of the horrible times we live in and we put ourselves into danger because there are too many kooks out there and I'm still afraid to do it, but I do a little since I am a cripple. BOSHIE

I am a 43 year old woman on my way in August. I had my medical card but was carring too much for that county. I have 2 children a home a life. In two months its all taken from me. I am the most non violent shy woman. My husband and I did not mean to break their laws and we are about to loose everything over some pot. Not even my yearly allotted amount by my doctor. I have never been away from my 12 and 13 year old boys for more than 2 nights. They are loosing their parents, dogs, home, school, and friends. My mother has had to see a doctor over the stress. We have spent every penny we had. We once had a small savings. I am dieing inside. Not only for myself but for the pain I have caused and will cause my family and children. My 12 year old is handicaped and I dont think he will ever be ok as long as I am away. God help my children and parents deal with my mistakes.