Sitting More Dead Time Than My Entire Sentence! Some Advice Please!!

My fiance is sitting in county jail right now waiting for his po to bring his waiver. when i spoke with his po, he told me that my fiance is going back to blairsville pdc to serve a 60-120 day sentence. which he also explained that as long as my fiance gets up there and stays out of trouble he can be out in 60 days but they can make him sit up to the entire 120.
ok so we know what to expect; i have complete faith in my fiance and i know he will be in and out without any trouble, but theres is something tht is killing me: hes already been sitting a month and from what we have heard, the wait list is 2-3 months for a bed. if thts so then he will be sitting more dead time than his sentence. we have already asked his po if he could furlow out and he said no.
does anyone know about the blairsville pdc wait list? or how long it usually takes to be transfered from county?
lostandconfusedwohim lostandconfusedwohim
Sep 7, 2012