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i got into a wreck and me and my friend went the hospital and then got arrested, they found some pills in my car, lots of pills, like maybe 400 total. noting that serious, just some ativan and ambien and zyrtec, oh and prescriptin eye drops, however they were not prescribed to me. and it was mardi gras time. i blew .032 on my brethalyzer. but im being charged with dui, reckless operation, poss of a legend drug (the eye drop) and 3 counts of poss of IV narc with intent to distribute. these pills were in my car and locked in a hidden (in the disguise of a book) box and the key was on my key ring, although none of those pills were in my system but they didn't urine or blood test me, i woul have but they didn't ask, however they are saying that i refused a urine sample.  anyways, i have court in almost 2 months. i wanted to know how long everyone thinks im going to get in prison. i was staying with this lawyer and his wife at the time, i was interning and i was their personal assistant and like office manager. she is hooked on some serious stuff, adderall, somas, xanax, and loratabs and she had bought this lock box so i could lock her pills up from her so she wouldn't get too messed up during the week while we were working. well she figured out how to get into the box so i put it in my car and forgot it was in ther and i had went to new orleans. her husband is running for judge for area where i wrecked and got arrested at in lil over 2 years although that area is not where he is located at right now. and real quick about me. im 22, i used to work at 911 as a police/fire dispatcher for over a year, my dad's a pentecostal preacher and i have nothing previous on my record. i was just wondering, with my background and if i'm talk to the DA about this woman, what kind of sentencing do yall think i will get?....sorry, i know its long and lots of usless info to you but i was just really worried....thanks, dusty.

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Have you leaner anything?

just to let everyone know that cares, i plead guilty to possession of ambien and the rest of my charges and my friend's charges got dropped and i got 3 years probation. however i think that there was something fishy going on with the prosecution and could have got away with it but i didn't want to chance it.

The only thing with talking to the DA is. Thre is nothing to back your story up. The lady could say she doesn't know anything about the drugs. I would still talk to the DA and find out what his plans are. Tell him you will do a hair test at your cost to prove you were not using those drugs. However if you had done some other kind of drugs the hair test will show that as well. I think I would also talk to the guy who is running for judge. He may have some kind of idea what his wife is doing. If he does he may have enough pull to either get you off or just probation. I hope this helps some.

.032 on a breathalyzer is nothing. Any decent lawyer should be able to get you aquitted.

why do yo say "nothing to worry about?" if should get used to putting things up my a$$? haha which really isn't a big deal for that part but what would i need to hide up there?