First Time In Jail

i am going to court on monday to answer charges of armed robbery.

i am dreading it. this is the first time i have been in trouble with the police and if found guilty i will be sent to county jail. my solicitor has said that i will get between 10 and 15 years if found guilty. the problem is i committed the crime and it is only a mater of time before they find me guilty. they have cctv images of me in the bank and they found the weapon used.

i am terrified of what will happen in jail. i have heared all sorts of things that go on in jail. the showers and all the fights. if there is anyone out there that can help me and tell me what to expect it will be very apresiated.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I've done time, best thing to do is think positively (as hard as it is) and think if you can get through the first night you can get through any, also make sure you look after no.1
I've been too jail twice, both for minor offences and one tip is dont go to solitary confinement!

Turn yourself in & plead guilty. Maybe just maybe..they give you a plea? Less time?

I've done time, and it was scary at first. It didn't end up being nearly as bad as I imagined, however. My advice is to keep a low profile, be careful who you associate with, and most important- get right withGod through Jesus Christ! My Christian friends, Bible studies, and Faith were the only way I could get thru it without losing my mind. God grew me spiritually, and nothing bad happened to me- He protected me. You must let others know that you will stand your ground, however. 90% of men come out worse, because they follow the wrong crowd and are more concerned with what the other inmates think of them- than what God thinks. He'll provide you the strength and wisdom, but it's up to you to make good choices.

The thing is if you have committed this crime. And you are given the time at least you can say you paid for your crime. That in itself is a burdened relieved. Jail is not so bad I did time at a county jail and at a Prison. Nothing long, But you have to say to yourself your going to change your life around. And as a man you have to lay in the bed you made. Take no stuff in jail, you don't have to be a tough guy, but do your time. It time you got to connect with family, if you are religious get right with God. And it will end one day and you have to make good choices so you won't be back in that situation.