Going To Court

You never know what is going to happen at court. I have no idea what the lawyer is doing. Every time I come there are continuances. I don't like that I am like a spectator. The judge sits and you hear the prosecutor and the lawyer go back and forth. They are so casual so friendly you think this is my life at hand. I would rather the lawyer look at the prosecutor as the enemy they are trying to take your freedom. The lawyer the defender is trying to protect your freedom. But to an outsider you don't know what to expect. You know little about how the law works. You would expect evidence to be the rule of the day. But what if you don't have evidence. They say a person words are the evidence. How can this be. Is a person word good enough?

 You would be willing to lock me up for somebody else'd word. Look at the Duke Lacrose player's a woman's word. The girl who had the ******** in the bathroom and she cried rape, but they had a phone video. That the only thing that saved them. Feminists say will live in a culture of rape, what about a culture of lies. What a person says can't always be held as truth. It's too easy to say someone raped you. What about the evidence, harsh as it may sound you stilll should need evidence to convict someone. But yet people are convicted everyday.

damanrthere damanrthere
Feb 26, 2010