In July I'm going to be jumping out of a plane (with someone on my back) 10,000 feet above ground for a charity!!!

I will be doing this for the charity F.S.I.D (FOUNDATION IN THE STUDY OF INFANT DEATH!)

I have chosen this charity as:

We had a little boy in my room at the nursery where i work n he died of sudden infant death! it is nearly a year since he died n i am doing it in memory of him!

Even though it is a year on i am always thinking about him n miss him so much!

He came to me in my dream the night he died n woke me up! It was like he was in my eyelids actually touching my eyes he was that close!
I later found out he had passed away n i wasn't shocked n didn't cry like the others did as i already knew about it!

I feel so honored he came to me that night as i would of been such a mess if he hadn't as i was very close to him!

I am also doing it for his mummy as she is only young herself n i want to tell her that I'm still thinking about both of them n still hold them close to my heart!!

Everyone keeps saying I'm using him as an excuse to do the jump as i have always wanted to do one but it is so not true!

I chose something so big n scary to do so i could get as many sponsors as i can so it all goes towards keeping other little babies alive n helping the parents n family members of those who have passed away help that they may need to come to terms with it!!!
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wowser, what compassion! i think its a little weird that those ppl thought u were doing it selfishly, since ur CLEARLY, definitely doing it for the right reasons! much admiration and love<br />
btw, when's the actual big day?

Thankyou so much for the lovely comments! Its getting very close now n getting a lil scared but its going to be all good as i hope Jamie will be watching me n helping me though it!! =-)

its really amazing to know that humanity is still there. i really appreciate u for this. and god bless u

Wow, good For you. It is great that you are doing this for the charity. Hope you have fun doing it.

I'll give a dollar if you will jump 10,001 foot instead.

That's amazing-- a great thing to do for charity and a really incredible adventure for yourself. Please keep us posted on the experience!