1 Year On Today!

On the 18th April 2006 Jamie passed away in his peaceful sleep!

Today i have been thinking about him all day n me n y best mate went to his grave to lay some flowers for him!

It was the first time i had seen it with a gravestone! I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful they had made it!

It was a huge black headstone with two hearts carved into the side of it!
It had a very cute photo of him in the middle with his name in gold!!

There was such a beautiful verse chosen by his mum which as i read i couldnt help but cry! It was so true n meaningful!

There was alil bit to put flowers etc n it had the glass stones in colours, toy cars, fairy/angel ornaments, two signs saying hope and dreams in english and chinese! And a beautiful pebble with his name carved into it!

It was so emotional to be so close to him again n not be bale to hold him! I know i only new him a couple of months really but he really holds a huge place in my heart i will never forget him thats why i went today to let him know!!!

I am even more determined to do the parachute jump now n really try my hardest to raise as much as i can!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 18, 2007