Just Going To Rot?

You know recently I have been having this fantasy. Where I sell off everything in my house. You know minus a few essentials, cloths, vehicle, one dish, one set of silverware, a very small set of cookware, and a mattress of some kind. I guess I might have a few other things, you know for work and stuff. Otherwise I would have nothing and be nothing.

I would then just rent out a studio apartment and when I was not working or working out I would just lie around and rot. I mean why do I have so much stuff around me? Why do I need it for anything? Why can't I just start sleeping when I am not working or at the gym? I mean if I do that I can escape this piece of **** I call my life faster. I do not really need anything... then again I bet I would be bored out of my mind if I did not have any possessions. Maybe this is just a lapse in judgement or depression. If people wanted to come over and see me they would be shocked and freaked out at my lack of stuff. they would just see a bed and some cords. Nothing more.

It seems like something I need to do. However, when you are as asocial as I am... well... you just need to step back and see some things. I mean first off. No one ever wants to come into my place. So why bother, people are as likely to see the inside of my apartment as they are to see the inside of my stomach. Second off there is all that.. whatchamacallit... nostalgia? Yeah that is it.. some of these thing bring up fond memories... still I wonder.. I really wonder what would happen. Of course I would come out about my suicidal plans to my family once I did this, and they would just have to wait while I rot away.

After all, a person dies and leaves their possessions so if I have no possessions things will be easier on everyone.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I could offer advice if you told why life is bad. Also I can't understand point of possessions you don't say what you have

I have possessions, this post talks about how I should just get rid of them.

You don't own your possessions your possessions own you. It's not bragging rights but I can fit what I own in a back pack