Okay everybody. I have the pulls ready and if I wake up in the morning I have a gun on my nightstand with a knife beside it. I won't regret anything.
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Are you ping to cut your gun?

Don't die. Or else.

ok stop saying things like that

How else am I going to prevent them from dying?

not by trying to scare them

If they're afraid of death they won't kill themselves.

almost everyone's afraid of them but some people are more afraid of lofe


They don't understand that there's always someone worse off.

just because someone else is hurting more doesn't mean they can't hurt

True, but my entire point is that if there's someone else out there who's worse off, and isn't on the verge of suicide, why are these people?

they may be starving or homeless but still other people have a lot of mental pain. I don't know her personally so I can't say exactly how she feels or why but it's obviously not good and she's suicidal

She hasn't shown sufficient reason to be. I've got several mental disorders and I've never even considered suicide.(Ex:I don't remember the last time I felt happiness) A lot of people who are in decent condition think they're doing awful but their main problem is them thinking they're victims.

you don't know if she's shown sufficient reason because you don't her

I don't her. Hmm... Anyways, she hasn't SHOWN it as in put it in the experience. I only have so much information to work with. Are you trying to justify her suicide?

calm down. and no all I'm saying is trying to scare her is wrong.

Not if it helps her. I'm very calm currently. I think you're actually the one with a strong feeling about this.

not really I'm just trying to get you to not try and scare people ,regardless of the circumstances it's wrong.

The result is meant to be helpful to the person. It many techniques similar to and more painful than the ones I use are used by psychiatrists to treat people. And yet, most people have no qualms with them, believing that in those cases, the ends justify the means.

If the effects are positive, it can't be wrong. Goodnight.

again you shouldn't scare anyways I've put to much time into this sense it's not changing anything

What sense?

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Please stay.