From Contemplating To Going To

Today I changed my view on killing myself. Originally I was just considering suicide as an option. From this point forward I am making it an inevitiblity. It is no longer a question of... hmm what is a word for this?.. eh it is a matter of when from this point on. I am going to ******* kill myself. It is something I should just accept. I should just buy a gun and get it over with.
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9 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Lol thanks for the advice. Need to make sure my brains are completely blownout.

You said you might as well use a gun-Caution-Do Not Use a low calibur handgun-A shotgun will provide better results.

Maybe it is just me... I know when I am really trying to make something funny or sad or angry. I guess I just hate my writing when I am not at an emotional extreme of some kind.

No.... I go to my website read some of my blogs.. you can read the ones taht were forced.

Yeah.. too bad I am a terrible writer when I am not in some extreme mood.

Hmmm maybe I will... To be honest it is hard for me to keep one version of the essay written down for long. I jut do not like the presentation all the time.

No this story is not posted anywhere on here as I cannot find a potential group to put it in.

Thanks, I have a whole speech about the conditions of a wonderful life... those arguments rarely turn out well.

I wondered if I should insert lame 'life is wonderful' or 'don't so it!' speech here, but I decided against it. <br />
<br />
Your life, your decision. I won't judge you, living is a *****. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for, one way or another.