Fighting The Good Fight...

I was roling along my foot patro as infantry units have been doing for months...and I was ma and another guy doing rotating 6 on tail end rear security...anyways car come so I do the pen flare...flash bang....giant red flag...we those were our 4 fail safes those action happened perfect according to SOP what do I up with 200 rounds non-stop through all the faces kida car everywhere...dont know how the dricer was semmi alive until I took out my strider knife and nearly took it come to find out the driver was old and blind....the 2 middle persons were married and the icing is the 3 kids in the back seat..all smoked dead and door knobs...they had no guns or C4 packed car.... But it could have been cause he didn't stip on the pervious warning signs....anyways I think about what a bad more that was and would mind getting closure by just offing myself....might make 6 spirets that much happier
souzausmc souzausmc
May 16, 2012