Good Idea

I didn't know the cure for weirdness was lying down! LOL

But sounds good.

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10 Responses Mar 7, 2009

@ windlion: I am not sure, I wouldn't recommend lying down on street, or pavement! but if you really want to know I might try it for you.<br />
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@ RobertHedrock: It works for me too, I always feel better.

Lying down always works for me. I do it a lot!

OK, I am happy that I could help you with that matter. Always ready to test things for you, you can lie down when ever you want now, I feel no side effects.<br />
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Its safe

does it matter where you lie down, and when?

Yeah... you wouldn't be the same if you were not weird mia... ;p

After last night... I am positive I will be taking an afternoon nap... ;p

I did lie down and now I am still weird, because someone on the street just told me so!!<br />
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@MiaBella: so it's OK to lie down, you will still be weird

hehehe ok! :D

I'll try it and if it worked I'll recommend it to everyone!

oh!got suprised for that :)