It's All About Me.

Today, I am beginning on a journey.  I need to get to a state of mind in which I am 100% happy with myself and my life, before I can ever think about entering into a romance of any sort, where marriage is a possibility.  I plan on focusing on what I want, the things that make me happy.  Like losing weight, getting my business started, being more social, etc.  At this point, nobody else matters.  Don't misinterpret that, though, I don't mean I will hurt others to get what I want, or let others suffer in the name of my happiness.   I just mean, I will put myself first, for once.   That road trip I want to go on, for instance, I WILL go on it...  It'll just be awhile.  I don't ever want to feel like I depend on someone to be happy.  I've been so lonely and miserable at night, without stopping to think, hmm, maybe I should work on stuff for the business, or do one of my puzzles.  I am tired of the world being centered around romantic love.  That is not the key to happiness OR success, it is just a tiny part of those things.  I will not let someone bring me down to the point of suicide or misery.  Sorry, that won't happen.  So, today begins Project Me!

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6 Responses Mar 7, 2010

thats really great...definitely it should be given a shot....hope i too come in that position now cos its high time i've thought for myself...i too wanna live!

I once had that same Project and I did it. It was great for a while and then I lost it. Now i just don't know how to get there again. How did it go for you, considering it has been a while since you posted? Did you get it? Have you managed to keep it? How?

Go for it.

I'm wishing every bit of success with that...

I have been in that situation. Then, one day I'd had enough, I broke it off. It was hard, but I don't think I regret it now.

I sooo admire that . I really wish I could do the same , but I just don't know how . I'm hopelessly dedicated to my relationship , which is an emotional rollercoaster for me; and even when I'm happy , <br />
Its like at any moment I could come down . I wanna be happy , but waht to do ....