Doing It My Way!

Ok, I have had a great life and have a great supporting family but it is time to live MY LIFE MY WAY....starting now. Hence the group. I am going to quit my job (tomorrow) as I hate the bullshit drama that comes with it. Either way, I am NOT HAPPY. Screw it! I plan to run my own business anyway. I am currently packing up my bedroom, at the family place and will push off out of here in the next few days. I don't know what I am here in this world for but I finally figured out that the first step would be for me to live in it. I have no plans, hardly any money and a car that will most likely break down in the first hour of leaving BUT I am still going. I don't need to have people judge and think that it makes my self worth. Forget it! I don't care if you do not like me you do not define who I am. I am a good, honest (for the most part), helpful, hard working and loyal person. I do not really know who I am yet but I am now going on my life journey to live my life my way and find out my way. Yeah!
Secondlastchance Secondlastchance
22-25, F
Aug 11, 2010