I Will Lose 1 Stone!

I'm starting to burst out of my clothes :S ... this means TIME TO LOSE WEIGHT! (It's too expensive to buy a new wardrobe hehe) All I have to lose is 1 stone but I'm afraid I've been trying for quite some time. It really knocks my confidence and makes me depressed. So, I decided to join this site for some embarrassment and to gain some determination =)

I'm constantly eating and it has to stop. I know exactly what I do wrong and what I should do, but still do the exact opposite. I'm sure many of you can relate. I diss the fruit and shovel my hands in the biscuit tin, the jaffa cakes box, I'll even take the time to make a heavily buttered sandwich rather than picking up an apple. I can eat heaps of food at one time and still be hungry, I also eat in private mostly because I'm ashamed of what and how much I eat. I have so many bad habbits. THEY HAVE TO STOP... TODAY!

Soo... From this moment on I will:

*Drink more water and only water

*Eat 3 healthy meals a day

*Get up earlier (6am) and go to bed earlier (10.30pm)

*Snack on fruit

*If I'm bored - go for a walk

*Instead of "I shouldn't but I will", I'll think "I don't and I won't"

*Keep myself busy

*Keep smiling


... And i'ts as easy as that people, so i have to stop making it hard for myself. Every Friday morning (starting tomorrow) I will weigh myself to see how much I have lost. I'm hoping to have lost at least 5 pounds in the first week because that is what i lost in my first week before.

Wish me luck xx


Why do i want to lose weight?

1. To feel healthy, fit and happy

2. To go swimming and feel confident looking good in my bikini. My friends keep asking me to go swimming but i make up some lame excuse every time.

3. To feel confident around that cute guy at college ;)

4. To be a better, happier person to be around.

5. So I can treat myself by getting a tan and my nails done after my achievement =)

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

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Good luck in your goals! I find that if I want to avoid sweets, I need to keep them out of the house. Then I only need to decide not to eat them once, at the store, instead of every time I see them on the counter!