this is how I lost so much weight

sents jan. ive lost 15 pounds yahhhoooo.

back in 2001 -2005 i lost 65 pounds no pills . it was slow first i went to my doctor and made sure i could safly

lose weight and at 2004 i went from size 16 to a size 10 , i started out slow i started excersizing not over doing

 it about 20 minutes to start with i worked out for 2 weeks like at i aslo started drinking more water

i know u may hate waters taste so i would buy lemmions and squeeze enought lemmion in the water

to taste it. I didnt say the word DIET becalse every time i say the diet word my seem like i go in over drive

then all i want to do is eattt, i also cut back on drinking coffie and cokes . i didnt drink deit cokes or any diet

drinks. i also cut back on my eating too i would eat 5 times a day . i would eat smaler meals

 if i ate corn flakes for breakfast i wouldnt put 1/2 of a spoon full suger if u must have a it on

cerial. tell yourself i can have sugar but cut the maounts in 1/2 , like i love chocklet

i would tell myself i could have a candy bar but only 1/2 . i ate more fish ,and chicken

 backed chicken and no skin fried chicken was my weakness. it took me 3 weeks befor people started seeing

a diffrence in my size , they would say short u losing weight? i would say where i dont see it.

 and i didnt see it but it was showing on the scales. so i kepted a pic of me what i wanted to look like

now u have to be real about what you see yourself looking like. so my first mental picture of myself

was i wanted 10 pounds off i would keep thinking about only 10 pounds.

now if you are a minight snacker like me about 9pm i would start drinking water 12ozs

befor i would go to bed and if i just had to have a snack i would grab a apple or somthing

nothing ecle , i had to retrain my brain no ur not hungery . i would eat just becalse .

  i would eat also becalse at the time my relationship i was in was bad . he would abuse me so in turn i would

abuse my self . i had to learn to love my self again . and stop the abuse of my body .

 i would do all these steps every week eating feels like a adiction just cant stop

but finding out why u eat i was a stress eater more than any thing make sure you talk to your

doctor befor you do any kind of weight loss program get his advice befor you do any wiehgt loss .

 i started excercising 30 minutes where its going for a walk or light excercing .

then i still kept drinking wather it was hard becalse i would eat for no reasion even bordedom.

  then i started by the 2 month seeing my paints getting loose . i was loving that.

 now i stoped eating after 6pm if i had to have something i would drink more water i cut back

.on drinking cokes to 6 only a week . it was hard becalse eating all hours was all i wanted to do,

 so now a year passed and i had went down to a size14  I was feeling good about my self.

 I buying new clothes loving it . my s ex drive started inpoving . i looked better in clothes

and there for i felted s exier . so i kepted up with excercising eating less . and befor i would eat dinner

i would drink2 32 oz glassess of water so if i went out to eat i would watch what i would eat

i would eat a big salad befor my meal . time went on and i went from a size 1x large to a size 10 it will take time so go slowly. so i'll

post pictures of me now while losing weight so you can see my progress so keep

watching this blog to see the pictures

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I think first check with your docor then give it a try . but safely . go for it but talk to your doctor make sure your health is good and all that . i wish you luck

am really inspired by ur weight loss and u hab jus motivated me to be like u!! am gonna follow everything u did and i hope tat i will lose some fats off pretty soon!! do u tink its possible to lose 15pund in 1mth.. and is it healthy???

it was hard beclase i ate when i was streed out , i ate when i was happy or sad.<br />
it was hard and befor i would go to bed was the hardest i would have to eat soomething <br />
that was my hardest habbet to brake . but i did

Wow you really are commited to loseing weight and that's great man I wish I could be like that. But keep up the good work :)

ty its hard work taking off the punds i didnt put them on<br />
over night it a hard fight but iam doing it slowly<br />
i let my self eat what i want but small small amounts<br />
like ice cream but i get a very small bowl<br />
or i just eat a spoon full for the taste and i still get the enjoyment of it , i ate like it did becalse it was my self love now my self love is taking care of my health and thats what its about to love my self and iam loving my self healthy

heyyy keep it up :) x

really more water and start walking even if its for 15 minutes<br />
excercise more start out slowly<br />
but ask your doctor befor you do any diet or excercesing<br />
i drank 12 oz glassess at a time<br />
i hated the taste o f water so i added lemon<br />
now i love water i'll keep posting how much wieght i lose ive lost this week 3 pounds its slow but iam gona lose all ive gained and iam gona get down to a size10 iam a 16 now so keep reading my blogs

How much water did you drink?

thts how i did it

15 lbs?! You go girl!! I'm trying to lose 20 lbs and I don't even know where to begin! Lol<br />
<br />
More water? Really?

more water

Great! Congratulations! What is your secret?

oh thats good lunnas!