Losing Weight

Well I weigh about 184 ibs and im 5'8 and so starting today i will exercise regulary and eat a lot more healthier. See you in a week or so with results hopefully.

TheBestAround TheBestAround
4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Hi how r u now?

all the best!! i am 5'5 and i weigh 143ibs... i too hope i will be able to lose weight with a healthier diet and regular exercise!!

thanks i just went for a run and i already feel healthier and more active then i ever have. Best of luck to you too!

Good luck to you! I'm not going to share my ht & wt but suffice to say, I'm not so happy with the wt. I too am trying (AGAIN) to drop some lbs - it aint easy - but warm weather is almost here and we can't hide in our bulky coats anymore. I hope we're both successful!