I started making short films a year ago.

People started taking notice of my films and now I am being mentored by people with experience and great cameras.

Check out my blog ...I have a lot of my films there.

I am also flyinsquirrel48 on YouTube.


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"..ask Cowbell if he will direct you to his music site on MySpace."<br />
<br />
Will do!

Yep, she's the real deal.<br />
<br />
You need to ask Cowbell if he will direct you to his music site on MySpace.<br />
He could do an awesome soundtrack for FiFi's dance segment.

lilt<br />
I will film FiFi any way and any how she wants!<br />
She is a real winner and I think a lot of her...<br />
she even offered to come help me this summer when we were battling forest fires!<br />

This is way cool. How about you film FiFi dancing around in her star-spangled leotard? Some slo-mo shots would look awesome.

Yes FiFiDelmar...<br />
You have got what it takes to shine!<br />
Brains and beauty.<br />
We need to outline our goal and plans....<br />

serious back at ya!!! i just got into an argument with someone because they went to the "travel channel school" and now make travel films. they have made over 30k, which more than paid for their trips. anyway, they were telling me that i should go. i replied "i don't want to be behind the camera -- i want to be the STARRR!!! we laughed for days, but i was serious!!! haha

"i'll be your STAR!!!!!!!"<br />
<br />
FiFiDelmar<br />
I am going to hold you to this.<br />
Seriousment.<br />

"Your aura comes through the screen at me.."<br />
<br />
Yours does the same on my screen ladee54!<br />

WOW, i'll be your STAR!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for viewing my work....<br />

Right on it. :)


On my EP homepage,there is one of my films.<br />
Come see?<br />

Can't wait to see them. I have no doubt they'll be original and well-crafted. <br />
Where I live we can only get dial-up, and videos take forever to load, but I'll check yours out as soon as I've got a little time. Great luck to you!

Sounds really kewl, which is the best one?<br />
Share the link! :)

"sweet. follow your dreams!!"<br />
<br />
Thank you....<br />
This great advice!<br />

" I wish you the best of luck in getting noticed!!"<br />
<br />
eh...I showcase people and musicians so THEY will get noticed.<br />
I am user flyinsquirrel48 on youtube .....<br />
Thanks for your comment.

sweet. follow your dreams!!