1st Deployment

My Ugh-Maze-ing bf. of 3 yrs. is going to be leaving for his first deployment on may 20th for 12 months to afganistan..

This is going to be the biggest n hardest trial of my life. I am so worried about him.  I just hope and pray that he stays safe and that he will come home. If anyone has been through this before how do i cope? how do i keep myself occupied. Its going to be such a long time.

ashleysvr ashleysvr
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I am there right now...my boyfriend has been gone since december and wont be back till november. I worry about my boyfriend everyday, but a piece of advice is stay strong, and enjoy your time when you do get to talk to him. He needs it as much as you do. As for your time, the thing that has past the most time for me was school, i am taking 3 classes right now on top of work and it keeps me super busy, so if you havent finished school i would suggest to go back. And if you dont want to go back to school, try taking a class in and acitivity that you want to learn, i took ice skating lol but it was fun. Oh and its always good to spend time sending him packages, my boyfriend really looks forward to the ones i send him. Good luck! and let me know if you ever need to chat, i know what it feels like to have people that dont get it.

I do not have an answer for you, I have not been there, but I will give you my wishes for his safe return and your strangth.