What Happened Later...

forgive me i am typing in my kindle touch and its a bit testy. 

as i said before i was doing my first hold in a while and my ***** was already soaked frlm her juices. i clenched my peehole as tight as possible and started playing with myself as i did a few things on the computer. i forgot to check the time before i started holding but i knew i was about two hours in and the presseure was already building up fast. i had drank two 20oz tumblers of water and had a few glasses ofapple juice. 

around hour three my moms friend came over and asked if she could see me in my prom dress. this was not going to be easy because its a mermaid gown with a skintight corset. i (painfully)slipped it on and as my mother started to do up the corset i could feel a spurt of hot pee sput out. thankfully i had on my pad and pull up or else i would have ruined my dress. you could see my bladdes bulge out as i had on the dress and it felt so good having all that peessure on my pent up pee. when i began to take it off another burst of pee came out and i quickly squeezed my little hole while rubbing my ****. 

i then decided to put on my old orange leggings i wore for a muical and put my favorite wetting pants over top. this along with the pad and pull up peevented me from having access to my peehole forcing me to squirm a bit. i was able to hold my pee until my moms friensd was about to leave... by then i was a good four hours into holding. by that time i had added two more cups of fluid to my body. my bladder was  screaming for release. my **** was so swolen it hirt to not touch it. i could bsrely walk at this point but i wanted to get to at least six hours. as soon as she left. i locked myself into my room and began to do the potty dance. i was able to wait a hour and a half before my tummy started hurting the sign i had to let go. i then grabbed two towels stood with my legs open and let go. the rush of pee quickly soaked my pas and pull up so i clenched off and took it off. at that point i let the flood gates loose and let the wetness spread. i reached down while peeing and played with myself and squeezed off my hole forcing me to ******. in return i peed harder and so much csme out it flooded my undies and had soaked the leggings. the pants were becoming soaked as well. at that point i decided to sit down on the wet towels and rock back and fourth. this stimulated my ***** and made a start stop of my pee which in turn made me pee harder. 

at that point i was close to being empty so i clenched off and stood up crossing my legs like a child and holding myself. i did this until my bladder was empty then laid down and started playing with myself thru my pissy leggings. i played until ii came for the last time where a quick spurt of pee came flooding up. i fell back exhausted soaked and incredibly satisfied. im considering doing a hold thru school but im not sure if my nody can handle it. 

hope you enjoyed!
thebigpush thebigpush
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1 Response May 8, 2012

You should totally do a pee hold through school in a skirt and panties then tell us about it no holding your self or pinching ur peehole and only leg crossing half the day